Salut! Support the publication of the newest book about the French presence in Philadelphia

  • Friday, November 16, 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Alliance Française de Philadelphie



Join the Alliance Française and authors Thérèse Dolan and Lynn Miller for a presentation of their newest book Salut! France meets Philadelphia.

A reception will follow

A full account of the French presence in Philadelphia, including the impact of France and the French on individual Philadelphians over the course of more than three centuries. it is largely a work
of synthesis, a history of Philadelphia seen through a particular lens. Salut! reveals how the contributions and influence of comparatively few individuals have outweighed the somewhat small numbers of French people who have immigrated to the region. 

The authors' goal is a history that is holistic and the most complete account of this subject yet written. The work is organized roughly by chronology as well as by theme, and is more or less equally divided between the political and social accounts of the French contacts with the region, including their impact on individual Philadelphians, and the story of French art in Philadelphia.

The authors expect that readers will include Philadelphians and suburban residents who are interested in the social and cultural life of the regions, as well as scholars of art and urban history. Francophiles of all sorts will find the works informative and elucidating

Publication: This project is under contract to Temple University Press. The Press intends to Publish the work in an oversize format with at least a hundred color illustrations, which will feature many of the works of art discussed in the text. 

Because of the additional costs of such a publication, the authors are required to provide a subvention of $30000 which they are now in the process of raising through contributions

The authors and Temple University Press are extremely grateful for all contributions made to the Press to support the publication, expected in 2019.

All such support will be gratefully aknowledged with a full list of contributors in the published volume.

All checks on behalf of the publication of Salut! may be directed to:

Mary Rose Mucci, Director or Aaron Javiscas, Editor-in-chief

Temple University Press

1852 n 10th street

Philadelphia, PA 19122 - Phone 215 926 2140 -

Alliance Française de Philadelphie
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 700 Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 735-5283
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